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Presented The Arts House and the Department of Malay Studies, NUS

About Cita: Sastera & Seni

Cita: Sastera & Seni (Aspirations: Literature & Art) is a cultural literary series on Malay literature and art in both Malay and English.

The monthly series comprises lectures, commentaries and musical performances on aspects of Malay literature and art in Singapore and the Malay-Indonesian region.

Cita is a unique opportunity for Singaporeans to learn more about Singapore’s Malay literary and artistic heritage. While the main lectures (bichara) will be delivered in Malay, the commentaries (komentari) will be in English for a bilingual experience. The performances (astaka) following the talks will then highlight the rich artistry of Malay poetry and music.

Cita: Sastera & Seni is co-presented by Department of Malay Studies, NUS, and The Arts House. It is supported by the Singapore Malay Language Promotion Council, the Singapore Malay Language Council, the Malay Heritage Foundation, the Malay Studies Society, NUS and Kasturie, NIE.

In September, Cita: Sastera & Seni presents two notable speakers: Suradi Sipan, who will talk about Singapore Malay Literature and Education; and Noraini Ismail, who will lead the discussion on Drama and Malay Thought: Insights from Singapore Malay Drama Scene. In the afternoon, students from the Jurongville Secondary School will enchant the audience with a dikir barat performance.


10am – 11.15am:  Bichara (In Malay)
Speaker: Mr Suradi Sipan
Topic: Sastera Melayu Singapura dan Pendidikan (Singapore Malay Literature and Education)

11.30 – 1.00pm: Komentari (In English)
Presenter: Ms Noraini Ismail
Topic: Drama and Malay Thought - Insights from Singapore Malay Drama Scene

2.00pm - 4.00pm: Astaka
Performance: Dikir Barat performance by Jurongville Secondary School


Malay Literature and Singapore Education: A Personal Perspective and Experience
This seminar discusses the historical evolution of Malay literature and its position in the educational domain by looking at the kind of literary works produced during the colonial period till the ones written in present day. The seminar seeks to explore the challenges encountered and hopes to reflect upon the possibilities in the near future.

Menyentuh sepintas lalu perjalanan sejarah Sastera Melayu khususnya di Singapura dan kedudukannya dalam dunia pendidikan sejak zaman kolonial hingga kini. Tantangan dan permasalahan yang dihadapi dan merenung ke depan akan kemungkinan-kemungkinannya.

About Encik Suradi Sipan
Encik is a well-known literary figure in Singapore with a teaching experience of more than 40 years. An APAD member since 1970, he collaborated with respected artist, S. Mohdir in Karyaseni Bersama 74, his first exhibition that showcased his paintings. In the literary world, he has won many awards, to mention a few; Anugerah Hadiah Sastera 1978 for his poem “Nyanyi Puisi" and Anugerah Hadiah Sastera 1983 for another of his well-written poem titled “Kejujuran Adalah Daun-daun Kering". Taking on the role of an editor at the Ministry of Culture, he helped to carve Singapore's Literature Journal, Majalah Singa from 1982 to 1986. An award-winning poet, he was invited by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Malaysia to recite a poem in commemoration of Malaysia's Independence Day in 1988.


Insights of the Singapore Malay Contemporary Drama Theatre –Views and Perspectives
The commentary looks at how Singapore Malay drama theatre has evolved from conventional beginning and amateur acting to become a thriving industry that dwells with socio-ethnic issues, racial integration, cultural identities and inter-religion marriages.  Issues that were once a taboo in the community was discussed openly through drama and theatre, posed a glimpse to the writers’ thoughts and perspectives of life in Singapore.  Drama/theatre provides a platform and an avenue for the young-prolific contemporary Malay writers such as Alin Mosbit, Zizi Azah, Alfian Saat and many more budding writers to have their voice heard and their views presented  as they paved the way for future evolution and invention of Singapore Malay Drama Theatre of the 21st Century.

About Nuraini Ismail
Nuraini, B.A (Hons) Malayan University, Kuala Lumpur, MA NIE/NTU, Singapore and will be pursuing her PhD in Goethe-Frankfurt University. Previous working experience as Curriculum Project Officer in CPDD, Ministry of Education of Singapore. Currently heading the Regional Studies Programme for Victoria-Cedar Alliance and Subject Head for Malay Language specializing in the IP students in Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. She can be contacted at nuraini_ismail_a@moe.edu.sg.




Ticketing Info & Show Times

Venue: Chamber
Event Timing: 10am - 4pm
Starting Date: 15 Sep 2012
End Date: 15 Sep 2012

Free admission

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