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Presented by National Arts Council
Key Programme Partner: The Arts House

The Singapore Writers Festival organises a Fringe component for the first time. Held at The Arts House, it will explore The Origins of Desire. The SWF Fringe seeks to examine the different facets of desire in the literary arts, and the manifestation of sexuality in books, films, performances and the visual arts. The fringe programmes will explore the historical as well as socio-cultural significance of desire and sexuality in literature.

Tee Ko, hokkien for 'voyeur', is an interactive installation that invites you to peer into the untold erotic stories of people's everyday lives through the spaces in-between: the cracks, the gaps and the holes. 

Loh Wan Ting is trained in Graphic Communication at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Loh's works revolves around the concept of chance, participation and the everyday. This encourages the viewers to take charge and be active participants in dialogue with the context of the work, each other and their surrounding.

Fringe Programmes

Origins of Desire…Whose Desire?

Pleasure as Power: Sex, the Most Powerful Metaphor

Gender Bender: Love in the Age of Sexual Confusion

XXX: When Smut Isn't Smut

The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomenon: What Turns Women On?

Pillow Fight: Women Write Better Sex Than Men

The City of Desire

Ream to Real: Flesh and Desire



I Look, Therefore I Am

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Ticketing Info & Show Times

Venue: Print Gallery,Foyer
Event Timing: 10am - 10pm
Starting Date: 02 Nov 2012
End Date: 11 Nov 2012

Free admission.

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