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31 August | 2 mothers in a h d b playground by Arthur Yap 

2 mothers in a h d b playground may be the late Arthur Yap’s most popular poem, but it is also one of his technically unusual pieces. It deviates from his abstract linguistic play and employs colloquial speech and humour to great effect. Gwee Li Sui will show how this poem relates to Yap’s other works as well as to the concerns that governed his time. How to Read a Singaporean Poem is a fortnightly series of his lectures focused on six of the most potent English-language poems in Singapore’s literary history.

2 mothers in a hdb playground by Arthur Yap

ah beng is so smart,

already he can watch tv & know the whole story.

your kim cheong is also quite smart,

what boy is he in the exam?

this playground is not too bad, but i’m always

so worried, car here, car there.

at exam time, it’s worse.

because you know why?

kim cheong eats so little.

give him some complan. my ah beng was like that,

now he’s different. if you give him anything

he’s sure to finish it all up.

sure, sure. cheong’s father buys him

vitamins but he keeps it inside his mouth

& later gives it to the cat.

i scold like mad but what for?

if i don’t see it, how can i scold?

on Saturday, tv showed a new type,

special for children. why don’t you call

his father buy some? maybe they are better.

money’s no problem. it’s not that

            we want to save. if we buy it

& he doesn’t eat it, throwing money

into the jamban is the same.

ah beng’s father spends so much,

takes out the mosaic floor & wants

to make terazzo or what.

we also got new furniture, bought from diethelm.

the sofa is so soft. i dare not sit. they all

sit like don’t want to get up. so expensive.

nearly two thousand dollars, sure must be good.

that you can’t say. my toa-soh

bought an expensive sewing machine,

after 6 months, it is already spoilt.

she took it back but…beng,

come here, come, don’t play the fool.

your tuition teacher is coming.

wah! kim cheong, now you’re quite big.

come, cheong, quick go home & bathe.

ah pah wants to take you chya-hong in new motor-car.  

About Sing Lit 101

The Arts House is proud to present an inspiring new literary series that celebrates the life and power of Singaporean poetry, Sing Lit 101: How To Read A Singaporean Poem.

Literary critic and poet Dr Gwee Li Sui will give six lectures, each focused on a major English poem from Singapore’s formative decades. He will introduce their writers and the times before unpacking these poems for a whole sweep of riveting and hidden meanings and implications. If you find poetry a difficult form to enjoy, or if Singapore’s literature appears a mystery, this is the place to start! Dr Gwee will take you on a journey packed with thought, passion, and wit that should show you Singaporean writing in a new light. Whatever your age or background is, you will be charmed and enlightened by the analyses and come to appreciate the value of verse and its inquiry, what poetry does and what can be known through it. 

This groundbreaking series will come to a close also in style, with a revisit of one of the region’s key historical anthologies. Seven Poets: Singapore and Malaysia (1970), together with its now-famous contributors, will be honoured in a special panel session. A number of these pioneers will join Dr Gwee for a conversation about their remarkable writings, thoughts and lives.

This programme is supported by the National Arts Council. 

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Panel Discussion: Poetry and Existence





Ticketing Info & Show Times

Venue: Screening Room
Event Timing: 11am
Starting Date: 31 Aug 2013
End Date: 31 Aug 2013

$20 per session, $100 per season pass

$10 per session, $50 per season pass (Student concession)

Early bird discount (until 31 Jul)

$15 per session, $80 per season pass (Regular)
$8 per session, $40 per season pass (Student concession)

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